About Kerr Law Associates, P.C.

Welcome to Kerr Law Associates, P.C. with locations in Philadelphia and New Jersey. At Kerr Law Associates, P.C., we focus on the needs of small business owners and their families. We have represented clients for more than twenty years in all types of commercial transactions, large and small, and we have assisted scores of families with basic business formation, planning, and sophisticated estate planning and estate administration needs. We have extensive experience with all manner of commercial transactions, and our business experience and knowledge of the law consistently adds value to all of our clients’ real estate and commercial deals.

So often business and family planning issues are inextricably intertwined. By working with clients over a period of years, our firm is intimately familiar with intricacies of both the client’s business and the family dynamics that drive so many estate plans. Whether it is passing on your business to one or more of your children or structuring the sale of your business upon your death or retirement to a third party, our experienced attorneys have the knowledge and skill necessary to design and implement a plan that addresses all your legal needs.

Kerr Law Associates, P.C. has substantial experience in handling federal, state, and local tax controversy at all stages of the process. Wayne Kerr, Esq. is an attorney who holds a masters of law degree in taxation (LL.m. Taxation) from New York University, and he has also been a practicing C.P.A. for over thirty years. This combination of experience provides our clients with knowledge of tax law, accounting, and makes Mr. Kerr an extraordinary advocate in tax controversy matters.

One area of business and law that we have particular expertise is real estate. We understand the business concerns of a real estate investor, and we consistently apply our legal acumen to improve our clients’ results in all of their real estate transactions and investments.

Again, welcome to our website. Please feel free to learn more about our practice by clicking on the various practice areas identified. Please give us a call to set up an appointment to see if we can help you with your legal issues. We look forward to working with you.