Business Representation

Starting and operating a business is challenging. You need an experienced law firm who understands your unique business needs to help you through this process. Kerr Law Associates offers comprehensive business representation from start-up to dissolution.

Over the last twenty years, Kerr Law Associates has represented both large and small business on a variety of legal issues. As a result, we have a broad background and sound understanding of all facets of law relevant to the business owner.  In all of our clients’ business representation matters, from negotiating contracts to commercial disputes to dealing with the federal, state and local governments, we are consistently diligent and effective business advocates.

Entity Formation

Entity formation is key for any business, and we understand the intricacies of the various types of entities available for your company (Partnerships, LLC, C Corporations, S Corporations), and we have the experience to offer advice in selecting and forming the most advantageous entity possible for your business. There are a variety of legal concerns when forming a business, such as:

  • Liability and asset protection
  • Taxation
  • Ownership structure
  • Management and employment
  • Administrative responsibilities
  • Funding issues
  • Profit and loss
  • Insurance
  • Government regulation

We regularly provide counsel to entrepreneurs and business owners on all of these aspects of business formation, and we have a great deal of experience drafting and implementing shareholder agreements.

We have formed thousands of companies over the years, and have the experience to draft effective operating agreements to fully address tax and business considerations that may arise.

The operating agreement is the most important document for business partners. We understand what problems may arise during the life-cycle of a company, and have drafted thousands of operating agreements to specifically address any and all potential concerns. It is essential to plan ahead by implementing an effective operating agreement that delineates all rights and responsibilities of the business owners. We are also experienced with handling all of the federal, state, and local regulatory filings necessary for business owners to remain in compliance.

Contract Formation

When entering into business relationships with vendors, customers, employees, or business partners, a well-written contract can protect you from future disputes.  We understand what potential pitfalls may arise in any commercial relationship, and we have drafted thousands of contracts which anticipate these future problems, and thoroughly protect our clients’ interests.

When disputes do arise, an experienced attorney with vast knowledge of business law, and the experience of a seasoned litigator,  will ensure a satisfactory resolution to the dispute. We consistently achieve positive results for our clients in their business and contract disputes.

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Tax Planning

Without a full understanding of the complex tax laws that affect your business, you may inadvertently structure your affairs in a manner that causes you to pay more taxes than you should. We have the expertise to advise you on the most efficient tax structure for your business affairs in a manner that will be respected by the IRS and other taxing authorities. An effective tax structure can ensure that you meet all the requirements to operate your company efficiently.

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