Business Formation and Entity Services

If your Company is already in existence, we provide services such as year-end planning, tax planning, year end minutes, resolutions, asset purchase agreements, stock sale agreements and ancillary contracts such as employment, lease, non-competition, licensing, and shareholder, financing and franchising agreements.

Entity Formation

We have formed thousands of companies across the country for various business purposes. Utilizing our combined tax and legal expertise, we provide comprehensive entity formation services. A few of our basic services are listed below.

Standard LLC Package Includes:

  • Preparation of all State required filings for LLC Formation;
  • Filing Fees;
  • Company Operating Agreement;
  • Resolutions;
  • Employer Identification Number;
  • Company Binder;
  • Company Seal.

Why form an LLC?

  • Your personal risk is limited-personal assets beyond the LLC are usually protected. More flexible setup than a corporation, while providing the pass through taxation of a partnership or a sole proprietorship. The main advantage is the Limited Liability protection.

How is an LLC Taxed?

  • The profits of an LLC pass through to the personal income of the members/owners. In a disregarded entity, it is taxed the same as a sole proprietorship. (Typically filed on a schedule C on the owners personal income tax filing).
  • In the case of partnership, you would file a 1065 with IRS with a schedule K being supplied to each member showing the proportional profit /loss allocated to them, with this being filed on the schedule C. THIS IS A GENERAL EXPLANATION, AND EACH RETURN MAY OR MAY NOT APPLY TO THE ABOVE.

What is a registered agent?

  • It is a requirement to have a Registered Agent. Usually someone from the company will act as the Registered Agent, provided that they have a physical street address in the state of formation. However, if you do not have a street address in the state of formation we can act as or appoint a Registered Agent. Fees are generally $100.00

What is the Employer Identification Number?

  • The Employer Identification Number or EIN is also known as the Fed ID, Tax ID, Federal ID Number or Employer ID. It is similar to a Social Security Number for an individual, however it is issued for businesses so that they can file Tax Returns and open Business Bank Accounts.

Commercial Registered Office Provider

Most States require that any business entity that is formed or doing business within their borders designate and maintain a “Registered Agent.” The purpose of a Registered Agent, or as it is sometimes called, ‘designated agent’ or ‘statutory agent’, is to receive legal documents served on the business in the event of administrative or legal action or to receive other official business documents from the State.

The Registered Agent provides the business with a physical legal address (not a PO Box) within that State where there are persons available during normal business hours and has an obligation to forward the “legal documents” to the business. The Registered Agent’s name and address are publicly available and are usually displayed on the State’s Web site.

We can provide this service for your Company upon request.