Real Estate

  • Experience working with construction companies, property managers, developers, and state agencies.
  • Property management: We recover funds misappropriated by Property Managers through civil law suits, professional complaints and finally through application to the Real Estate Recovery Fund.
  • Deed Preparation: Preparation of real estate transfer documents including calculations of real property transfer and recording taxes and knowledge of various state transfer tax exemptions.
  • Private Mortgages or Deed of Trust: We draft and file the documentation necessary for a mortgage or deed of trust between a private lender and an entity or individual.
  • We prepare Purchase and Sales Agreements for residential and commercial properties, as well as residential and commercial leases.
  • We work closely with Real Estate Investors and wholesalers, and we actively participate in the structuring of a wide variety of real estate deals.

Property Tax Appeals

  • We have experience with property tax litigation, and have the ability to save our clients thousands of dollars each year due to over-assessed property taxes. We have relationships with some highly trained and highly reliable appraisers to ensure that real property is valued reasonably, whether it be for property tax appeal purposes, estate and gift tax planning, or divorce distributions.

Taxation of Real Estate Investing

  • Savvy real estate investing is inextricably linked to tax minimization planning. We are knowledgeable about all aspects of taxation and real estate, including realty transfer taxes, like-kind exchanges, passive loss limitations, depreciation, etc.