Self Directed Individual Retirement Accounts

Kerr Law Associates, P.C. has extensive experience aiding individuals in the creation of an investment alternative to traditional retirement accounts, namely Self Directed Individual Retirement Accounts colloquially known as self directed IRAs or SDIRAs. This unique option is becoming increasingly popular among clients as many individuals have traditional retirement accounts invested in the stock market and other financial assets. This type of account is subject to an increasingly volatile market and investors struggle with the lack of control over their retirement future.

Utilizing a self directed IRA allows investors to control the investments they wish to make. Self directed literally means that you have the power to choose. Not only does a self directed IRA permit you to invest in assets aside from traditional products but you decide which assets will generate the most growth for you.

With a self directed IRA, there are many investment options. Currently, the real estate market is a true buyers market and many of our clients have purchased real estate in the form of private or commercial property, foreclosures, raw land for development, foreign real estate, mortgages, deeds of trust and much more. The area of real estate investments happens to be particularly appealing because of the current state of that market but self directed IRAs are not limited to real estate. The alternatives are endless and should be discussed with experiences tax and legal professionals, such as ourselves, that specialize in this field.

Once you decide to form an SDIRA L.L.C., we will draft the formation documents and work closely with your administrator to have you in control of your IRA funds quickly and efficiently. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in self directing your IRA. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you with any and all questions so that you are comfortable controlling and taking charge of your IRA investments and retirement future.