• Taxation is a major concern for all business owners. With any business venture, having the right business strategy is absolutely key for tax minimization. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience with creating efficient tax structures for your business and personal circumstances.
  • We are highly effective in providing counsel on a wide variety of taxation related questions, and we know the facts needed to take positions that are defensible to the Internal Revenue Service and to state and local taxing authorities.
  • Tax Credits. We are highly capable in planning for businesses that intend to take advantage of tax favored investments, such as renewable energy.

Tax Controversies

Tax controversies come in many forms. We frequently help taxpayers deal with a variety of issues, including:

  • Local property tax appeals
  • State sales and use tax
  • We represent clients in all stages of audits, investigations and litigation with the Internal Revenue Service, the New Jersey Division of Taxation, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and local tax authorities.
  • Collection Defense. As many know, the IRS and the state taxing authorities are aggressive in their attempts to collect on undisputed tax liabilities. We have experience in assisting clients to resolve these situations with as minimal stress and anguish as possible. We regularly counsel clients on installment payment plans, collection due process filings, innocent spouse relief, and Offers in Compromise.
  • Foreign Bank Accounts. Over the past few years, the IRS has increased its scrutiny of citizens and green card holders who have financial accounts abroad. We have knowledge of the rules and regulations in this area, and are well-versed in the best strategies to keep our clients in compliance, while minimizing their risk of harsh penalties for non-compliance.

Divorce Consultation

  • Tax considerations can be an overlooked aspect in the distribution of marital property in the incident to a divorce or separation. We have experience counseling clients and providing valuation expertise in equitably distributing property incident to a divorce while maintaining tax efficiency for our clients.